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First Home: 5th World, Empire of Suffer
Second Occupation: god of 5th World, emperor of Empire of Suffer, presidential candidate
Third Affiliation: Zalthor Party
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"Zalthor is new god" ~Zalthor

Zalthor is the rival of Kor. He is currently running for president in the 2016 USA/Fifth World elections alongside Vice President, Hillary Clinton.

History Edit

Zalthor was born in 001.-5 from Space Pod, and he gave himself the Staff of Damnation 10 seconds later. Zalthor grew up to rule an empire called the Empire of Suffer, where he gained experience and knowledge of leadership.

In the Empire of Suffer, juice was the primary currency, and they conquered galaxies with the 400 Sun Gatling Laser (most commonly called the "circumcannon") which requires oil to build. He married a WOMANS named Samantha (and lied to her like 100 times) but she was killed by shenanigans within the Empire.

Eventually, Doglaw gave leadership of the 5th world over to Zalthor. To commemorate his new promotion, Zalthor also took over r/fifthworldproblems and announced his desire to become president of a First World country called America.

The shenaniganist behind a lot of the Empire of Suffer and the rest of the Fifth World turned out to be the mentally deranged Ralph Nader. Nader became Zalthor's other nemesis besides Kor.

Political Campaign Edit

Zalthor is currently campaigning for president of the United States and for reelection in the Fifth World at the 2016 Election. Some of his policies include:

  • Creating a juice-based economy
  • Replacing the entire cabinet, legislative branch, and judicial branch with the Shame Box, and using that as the law enforcer.
  • Destroying all evil empires that are enemies of America.
  • Illegalizing the future, making the next 10000 years all be 2016.
  • Giving job opportunities to humans and to larvae.
  • Destroying all insects that follow Kor.
  • Turning any unnecessary items into oil to be used in the construction of a 400 Sun Gatling Laser.
  • Using it to conquer and assimilate all of Alpha Centauri.
  • Legalizing all drugs
  • Creating a Super Animal

The Vice President for the Zalthor Party Donald J. Trump

Syntax Edit

Zalthor transcend ordinary sentence. Zalthor is use simple language for easy assimilate. All people are assimilate. Zalthor is GOOD MANS. GOOD MANS do help. BAD MANS danger and hurt you. Don't BAD MANS listen to. Zalthor refer earth people as hoomans. Hoomans best people of Americas. Also sometime know to misspell raddit. Flesh. Please. Wo!

Stuff Zalthor likes Edit

  • Oil
  • Juice
  • American Hoomans and Larva
  • Artists
  • Creating unnecessary worm holes
  • Lies

Stuff Zalthor hates Edit

  • Other gods
  • Non-American Hoomans
  • Alpha Centauri
  • Ralph Nader
  • Lies

Trivia Edit

  • Some think Zalthor is a potato, but he is actually not.
  • Zalthor is believed to have multiple-personality disorder, since he shows both malevolence and benevolence and both likes and hates lies.