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First Location: Everywhere
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The Transcendental Transit Authority (TTA) is an organization that proclaims to have developed a safe and efficient means of traversing through and around the various Worlds and Realms within the Metaverse. Siding with no other group, the TTA serves as a utility service rather than a faction.

One of the hallmark's of this group is their insistance on professionalism and maintaining their brand identity. Communications are often ended with a reference to copyright, and the company's slogan "Premium Metaphysical Locomotion."

Notice for Passengers Edit

  1. Transport from worlds 1, 2, 3, and occasionally 4 is currently limited. We are working on the problem.
  2. Any luggage left unattended will be thrust into the Maw of Chaos, and destroyed.
  3. The transport of metaphysical substances including, but not limited to: Medicine, Pitch, and Shine is strictly prohibited on all TTA lines.
  4. Mad Mudmen and Enlightened Birdmen are asked not to sit next to one another.
  5. Please reserve seats closest to the exit for Residents of the Seventh World when possible, as they may still be in withdrawal.
  6. Börk, GPK, and Privateers are asked to keep their weapons holstered at all times.
  7. All cults are asked to keep their rituals to themselves while riding. (NOTE: the TTA is not responsible for angering ones patron diety by failing to complete a sacrifice during transport).