Third World
The 3rd World kid who won't believe your lies
Some attributes
First Leader: Who knows?
Second Slogan: At least you have food.
Third Theme: being dirt poor and living with terrorists
Other attributes
Fourth Subscribers: 4400+

"TIL How to read" ~some kid

The Third World is the most depressing of the worlds in the mortal spectrum of The Metaverse. If you're reading this, then you're probably not a 3rd worlder, or maybe you're a lucky one that someone gave a laptop to.

History Edit

Well, I guess you can say it all started when European dudes first stuck their noses in Africa and messed up everything.

The rest of this is too dark to write, so I'll make a long story short.

AIDS, Ebola, Kony, ISIS, people being shipped off to do slave stuff.

Of course that's not in the correct order, but if all of them happen to you at once then you probably don't care what order they happened in.

Some 1st worlders. tried to help this world with their problems, but they didn't make money out of it so they lost interest.

One of the least darkest problems that's happened here was the Tanganyika Laughter Epidemic of 1962 in Tanzania.

Basic Info Edit

The thirdworldproblems subreddit was made sometime after the first world one to attempt to instill guilt into 1st worlders, but instead of helping like sane beings, the 1st worlders instead just whined about it, because they love whining about things.

About Edit

"Is your donkey not producing enough milk? Is the sound of your goat herd keeping you up at night? Is your water 70% poop?

This subreddit is for you."

Countries in this world Edit

  • All of Africa
  • A lot of the middle east
  • Other scattered places

Top Problem Edit

"I've just discovered that in some countries water is so abundant it literally falls from the sky." ~pbunbun

Solution: none

Whose fault is it? Edit

The 1st world. It's their fault. Bastards.