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"Filthy American pig entered Motherland? What do Comrades?" ~Nikoli Brassilhov

The Second World is a world in the mortal spectrum of The Metaverse. Despite it being a mortal world, many mortals don't know it exists. Just about any place on a mortal planet that runs on or used to run on Communism is considered a region of the 2nd world.

History Edit

The concept of Communism seems to appear at different times, or not at all, for different planets. In Earth's case, it all started when a man named Karl Marx blew a whistle at the horrors of 1st world capitalism. He wrote a book about his ideas, and nobody really cared at first.

Then came the Bolsheviks. A dude named Lenin realized that the Czarism in Russia was bullshit, so he started a revolution, sending Russia into the 2nd world. It was almost problem-free, until Josef Stalin took over for Lenin.

Stalin was an utter bastard who plunged the Soviet Union into a world where the vodka drinks you, factories work you, tanks drive you, and it never... stopped... snowing! (this did protect them from Nazis though, so that's good I guess).

More countries became part of the 2nd World, and the 1st Worlders got scared because Communism would stop them from bathing in money.

So the republicans and the commies were in turmoil for nearly a century.

Eventually Communism fell in Russia, but some other countries like China kept it going. Nowadays the former soviet countries still deal with some pretty interesting crap. You know, like Putin riding a horse shirtless into Ukraine.

Basic InfoEdit

A 2nd worlder formed secondworldproblems as a way for comrades to help each other with their everyday problems. That 2nd worlder's name was капитан. Translation not available.

About Edit

"Do you live in a country that was a part of the Soviet Bloc?

Does your car have an "H" gear?

Does every woman in your town turn into a hag at age 40?

Is vodka easier to come by than drinkable water?

Does the country you were born in no longer exist?

Then welcome to Second World Problems, comrade. This is place to vent your frustrations about living in former Soviet Bloc/Warsaw Pact countries."

Countries in this world Edit

  • Russia
  • The countries ending in -stan
  • Some portions of Asia1, mainly China though
  • Eastern Europe (Poland, Ukraine, etc.)
  • Cuba

Top Problem Edit

"My country's AAA rating was downgraded to AA, and now I have to post to r/secondworldproblems instead of r/firstworldproblems.

Thanks US politicians, you've done a splendid job. ಠ_ಠ " ~jenniferwillow

Solution: Buy trinkets.

Notes Edit

1. There are a few debates on the full definition of 2nd world, and some say Asia is not included, others say it is.