Notice: I won't be adding anything more to this page, you are free to do so if you want your own character on here, but I no longer have interest in keeping this updated.

An index of characters designed to be as brief as possible, to provide the bare minimum a newposter should know before getting rekt.

Separated by faction, because their alignment is all you really need to know.

Seventh World Edit

  • The Colors (Blue-[REDACTED], Green, Red)- metaphysical leaders
  • A Swarm of Nanobots- the name explains exactly what this is
  • The Handmaiden- a spooky witch person
  • Failur3_to-Parse- runs the Silo

Galactic Peacekeepers Edit

  • Admiral Rajak- the leader
  • Captain Tato - former leader, stuck in permanent stasis
  • Ken the Epic- Metaphysical
  • Notrai- Hrenrai's gemini [possibly a privateer?]

747th World Privateers Edit

  • Yellow- the wayward color. Has Boone whipped.
  • Boone- commander, formerly GPK
  • Hrenrai- Technical Sergeant, seems to know a lot about the metaverse (also a Priest)
  • Fade Crimson- Quartermaster, left the GPK after it got boring
  • Elegant Assassin- female trooper, formerly served S. Korea in the Cold War
  • Anaesteros- father of s00l from the 1098th World

The Dark Mountain Edit

  • NewCarWrecked- Priest of K'AD formerly from the 7th
  • Pixelate- Priest of MONTEM
  • Fargoniac- Priest of LUONNONTAR from the Desert
  • RedTheSnapper- Priest of SMOX from the 54th World
  • Hrenrai- Priest of IISʃUN and builder of Dark Machines (also a Privateer)
  • Internets- has the Holy Madness
  • OldCarWrecked- newcarwrecked's gemini [Deceased]
  • Ascended Monk- a former Greek Orthodox monk who is Subject D's gemini

The Bork Edit

  • Bork King
  • Admiral Bork- leads the fleet abroad
  • Bork Master General- leads the fleet at home
  • Meisterborker- a scientist
  • A Fleet of Borkships- the 9th Flotilla of Bork ships
  • Gustav Bork

Boundedlands Edit

  • ❡ - The god here
  • CandyToast- the Grand Leader
  • CaramelBagel- his gemini
  • Airbiscuits
  • HyperChin
  • One Angry Dog
  • The Watkhdog- a dog from the Time Mines
  • Deejagaa - a reptilian form of the bounded inhabitants who used to live in the 9th World
  • Kharlie- a famous bird
  • Ψ - a newly ascended god

The Unbound Shrine Edit

  • [̲̲̅̅ƛ̲̲̅̅Ƥ̲̲̅̅Є̲̲̅I̲̲̅̅Ʀ̲̲̅̅Ơ̲̲̅̅Ɲ̲̲̅̅]- A god of Entropy who devours worlds
  • The Jester- (formerly called The Hunter before he sucked at that job)
  • The Chimaera
  • The Maentikhor
  • The Siren
  • The Call- "Subject D", created by accident
  • The Deceiver- Deceived the Bork under the name "Borkisbork"
  • The Neophyte- "Son of Sacrifice/Smoking Mirror", responsible for The Circle

1098th World Edit

  • THE OVERSEERS- Dreaded, Examplification, Symbiote, Lost, Silence
  • Dr Clovis Monserratt- deceased
  • s0l0n- A garden dweller
  • s00l
  • GreenTheSnapper- Red's gemini
  • Dh0le- a friend of s00l

200th World Edit

  • The Star King
  • Major Rigel

Unaligned Edit

  • Elhawiyeh/Obsidian- from the Maw of Chaos
  • The Old Stiller- Makes Shine at the Dank Swamp
  • Rojok- Rajak's "shadow". Lives in the Desert
  • [REDACTED]- Impersonated Green, dwells in the Forest
  • The Swordsman- a former servant of the Unbound
  • Fade Seer
  • Shanoxilt- a being respected throughout many worlds