You cannot destroy Crabulon
Some attributes
First Home: Fifth World
Second Occupation: god of crabs, presidential candidate
Third Affiliation: Crab Cult/Party
Other attributes


Crabulon is an assertive politician who is also the god of all crabkind. He is running for president in the 2016 Fifth World election. He hopes to destroy all orphans.

History Edit

His origin is currently unknown.

Fairly recently he decided to go on a quest to destroy orphans and collect their orphan crystals. What he plans to craft with them is not yet known.

This has proven to be a difficult task, and he believes that it can be made easier if he becomes president.

He saved a desert planet that was swarming with insects that came out of a mysterious box. Those insects were definitely not crabs, so he destroyed them without hesitation. Neither was any of the other life that lives lived on that planet, but oh well. The main problem was solved wasn't it?

Crabulon has also taken up cannibalism recently. He considers it a simple (and tasty) method of population control.

Political Campaign Edit

Crabulon dreams of a bright future where the only lifeforms are crabs. He also wants to make the desert wasteland into a dessert wasteland. Crabulon desires political support so that congress can give him permission to complete his orphan crystal undertaking. Without enough crystals, Crabulon's future might not become a reality.

Many critics say "well if the world is only crabs, won't there be too many crabs." Crabulon counters this argument, proposing that he will legalize cannibalism so that overpopulation will never be a problem for anyone.

He is a good sport, so his rival candidates, including HER, SMOX, and Zalthor, will be polymorphed into crabs, so that he doesn't have to kill them.

Syntax Edit

crabulon, like other crabs, does not ever use capital letters. the only time crabs capitalize anything is when its a news headline about crabulon or when DEATH TO NON-CRABS. he is a lax crab and doesnt all ways care if their are any grammar mistakes.

Stuff Crabulon likes Edit

  • Crabs
  • Zombie Crabs
  • dessert
  • laxness
  • people who only speak morse code

Stuff Crabulon hates Edit

  • orphans
  • non-crabs
  • insects