"CONFIRMED" ~/u/20141220

April 30th 2015 (at 21:50 CDT - May 1st 02:50 GMT) is the day that a solar storm will cause an EMP effect wiping out all modern electricity on planet Earth. In the year 2024, 9 years after the incident, a human known only as /u/20141220 was given the ability to communicate with the past, linearly starting with December 20th 2014. He began to warn redditors about the terrible events that would occur. There is controversy over why he would pick reddit, of all media, to communicate his warnings. But it is obvious that he wanted to go the one place he knew his past self would see it, so he would survive and maintain a stable time loop.

His past self is believed to be RedTheSnapper, but that is not yet confirmed.

/u/20141220 created a subreddit to discuss the future blackout, how to survive it, etc.

Things Speculated to happen Edit

  • All aircraft will crash land seconds after the blackout begins. Anyone plugged into life support is also doomed right off the bat.
  • People will see the Northern Lights further south than what's supposed to be normal.
  • Toilets won't work
  • Cars made after the 1970s won't work
  • Spooky Scary Skeletons will be everywhere
  • Utopia will become the largest survival compound
  • The Amish, who already have nothing to do with electricity, will take advantage of the crippled country and conquer the continent as an imperial power.
  • RedTheSnapper will form a survival compound in Seattle. Why he picked there of all places is unknown.
  • The Button will reach zero (for real this time)
  • People will blame North Korea
  • Half Life 3 will be released a minute before the blackout

Related Subreddits Edit

  • /r/april30th2015 - This is the main sub dedicated entirely to the disaster
  • /r/thebutton - Some say the button will officially reach zero just nanoseconds before the power goes out. It is believed that this and the april30th2015 sub are linked and always have been.
  • /r/nosneeze - /u/20141220 has mentioned the sneezularity (when humans transcend the ability to sneeze) before, it is not known if it is linked to this date though.
  • /r/seventhworldproblems - /u/20141220 has warned the residents of the Seventh World that their MACHINEs would no longer work. The nanobot police are trying to censor these warnings to prevent panic.
  • /r/34thworldproblems - /u/20141220 was an administrator here and gave several warnings. This world fell silent so it is believed to have been affected.
  • /r/127thworldproblems - The massive computer network of the 127th world will have a shutdown at the same time as the blackout. It is unknown if the storm will cause the shutdown or if it is just a coincidence.