The Anti-Zalthor League (AZL) is a paramilitary rooted in Sector IV whose main goal is, as its title implies, the overthrowing of Zalthor due to his perceived lack of regulations against Macaroni. Though most of their goals remain obscure/unknown, their main goal is to re-elect Supreme God Siam the Star Shredder as leader of The Metaverse.

Known members

  • -paramiliterrorist (perceived leader of AZL)
  • -CreamyKaiserCakes (perceived viceleader of AZL)
  • -BellyFullOfSwans
  • -BlittenBlatten
  • -Swingstrap
  • -sergeantFUG
  • -green88green
  • -Imperialvirtue
  • -benincase_